Innovation Sacramento Launches 1st video

We started this journey almost a year ago with an idea.  Could we create a tv show just based on Sacramento, Ca and the people that live here?  Our initial concept idea was “This is my Home”. A gritty look at local businesses and the entrepreneurs that were making change happen in Sacramento.  We made a few episodes of that concept before we ever heard about the Innovation Fund the City of Sacramento was proposing.  By the time the City of Sacramento had approved a 1 million dollar grant(RAILS) to help jump start the innovation sector of Sacramento the show had changed its name and identity.  We applied for the grant to document the success of the RAILS grant and to shed light on the stories that were evolving from the influx of money the city had provided.  The new show title was “Innovation Sacramento” and the new focus was on the 16 rails grantee’s that were joining us on this journey.  Our story didn’t end there.  The concept of “Innovation Sacramento” would continue to change and evolve into what it is today.  A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and late nights have been put into to get us to the Launch.  All of our Social media pages are up and running and we are constantly uploading new content to the sites in order to build our audience and engage a new generation of innovators and disrupters in and around the Sacramento Valley.  We hope that our show inspires the next round of Entrepreneurs to take the lead and create the next great invention right here in the Sacramento area.   “Innovation Sacramento” is a TV Series created and produced by Dynasty Video Productions.  We wanted to create a short documentary series about the innovation that is fueling growth in our community.  From large Tech companies building a new tech-centric Sacramento hub to scrappy start-ups and grassroots organizations creating real social change at street level.  Watch theses unexposed stories of true disrupters in our region unfold into the meshwork that makes Sacramento “The next great American City.”  Thanks for everyone’s support in getting us to this point.  We couldn’t have created anything without the love and enthusiasm of our local innovation community.  Now we need to get the word out to everyone in Sacramento who has any interest in seeing their city evolve into something great.  Please visit our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages and subscribe, like, and share our channels.  Stay tuned for more “Innovation Sacramento.”



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