What is Innovation Sacramento?

“Innovation Sacramento” is a television series about the technology entrepreneurs and businesses that are changing Sacramento from a government town into an Innovation 3.0 city.  We explore diverse walks of life from tech geeks and policy makers to artists and visionaries. We want to capture real stories not covered in the daily news. Innovation Sacramento is a reflection of the city we live in and the diverse stories of the everyday people we meet. We believe there is a need to tell Sacramento stories’ to reach two important audiences.

  1.  Residents of the greater Sacramento area that have no idea of the wonderful things going on in their own city.
  2.  A national audience that will see our series and drive the best talent and new companies to our region.

We want to develop increased pride in our residents and see our city with an identity of its own. Not just a place between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. We are proud to have received our initial RAILS grant funding from the mayor’s office and the city of Sacramento. The funding will promote economic development by documenting the success of Sacramento startups and technology firms that are driving our creative economy.

What is RAILS?

In 2016, the City of Sacramento committed up to $1 million in grants for groups that drive acceleration, innovation & leadership for startups. After receiving over 100 applications, and going through an extensive review process with internal and external leaders, the 15 organizations were unanimously approved by the City Council for funding.  The City of Sacramento has been very helpful in creating a new way for public and private entities to work together.  We are proud to be working closely with the City and Rails grantees to create a series that Sacramento region can be proud of. If you would like more information about the RAILS grant go to their website. —> RAILS

How can you help?

When we took on this mission we knew we would have to put up most of the seed funding by ourselves.  We were thrilled when we received our RAILS grant but soon realized we would need more funding in order to complete the project the way it was meant to be completed.  We are currently in principle photography and are still filming the segments for our show while editing simultaneously.  We are looking for underwriters and sponsors to provide additional funding that would be used to bring the show to completion and promote it to as many eyes as possible. Your funding would be used to

  1. Marketing- In order for any show to be successful people need to know about it.  Have you heard the saying, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  A tv show is very similar because if your audience doesn’t know about your show, they can’t watch it. Funds will be used for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and through Google Ads.
  2. Hire additional workers-  We need more help to complete our project.  Your funds would be used to hire additional people to make the show faster.  The faster we get done the sooner we can get the word out that Sacramento is on the brink of something great.
  3. From the web to TV- We know “Innovation Sacramento” will reach many different audiences so airing our show on local television station will help further a number of eyes that see our show.  The more people that watch the more change we can make in the Sacramento area.

We need your help to tell more stories about this great region. We are offering sponsorship opportunities to help increase the scope of “Innovation Sacramento” from a web series to a television show. We want to air segments during televised sporting events, at the Golden One
Center, and local movie theaters. This show will provide great visibility for sponsors and underwriters. If you would like to be an underwriter or sponsor of our show send us an email from our contact form at the bottom of the page.

What now?

Thanks for checking out “Innovation Sacramento”.  The way to make this show as popular as possible is for everyone to do their part. Please use the links below to Like, Share, and Follow us on Facebook. We also would love your feedback. Is there a part of the show you really like or would like to see changed? Please leave comments here at the bottom of the page or our Facebook page.


Sneak Peak – Innovation Sacramento

Sacramento – Teaser