Theora Care Tracking Watch

Elba has early Alzheimer’s, and she and her children, who are her primary caregivers, stay connected with more peace of mind and more independence for Elba using Theora Care remote monitoring technology. Theora Connect is a stylish smartwatch style wearable for care recipients, and Theora Link is a free smartphone app for caregivers.

Marigold’s Story, Animal Biome

Animal Biome was one of the Sacramento Regional Innovation Awards Finalist. We created this video to show how important the gut microbiome is to animals. You can find out more about them at Marigold was a sweet, middle-aged, orange tabby cat found as a stray and taken to the city shelter. Affectionate and easy-going,[…]

New Video for the City of Sacramento

Check out Dynasty’s newest video for the City of Sacramento’s Urban Technology Lab and find out what coming to Sacramento in the near future. The Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL) is where government, academia, and industry collaborate to transform Sacramento into that of a living laboratory for entrepreneurs, advanced technology businesses, and academic institutions to[…]

Sacramento Innovation Awards Kick-off

Behind the scenes video at the first stage of the judging process. Dynasty Video is proud to help document this important event in our region. The 2nd Annual Sacramento Region Innovation Awards takes place on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. In this clip, members of the Selection Committee and Program Organizing Team offer remarks on the[…]

images of Hacker Lab Logo

Hacker Lab video

The Hacker Lab is a multi use co-working space that provides classes and a community for anyone interested in technology. We were asked to head over to their place and produce a video that would accompany their submission for the Rails grant. The catch was we had to shoot and edit the video in under[…]