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Hacker Lab video

The Hacker Lab is a multi use co-working space that provides classes and a community for anyone interested in technology. We were asked to head over to their place and produce a video that would accompany their submission for the Rails grant. The catch was we had to shoot and edit the video in under[…]

Experiments in 360 video

Have you seen 360 videos on YouTube and Facebook? This is my first attempts at editing 360 video in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere, and posting to YouTube. It took a little practice learning how to navigate the 360 space, learning the correct setting to get the video to actually be view able in[…]

Uvionix Instant Delivery Drone Commercial

This is one of 2 commercials produced by Dynasty Video Productions for the company Uvionix. This amazing technology will deliver coffee and small items like medicine right to your door. Uvionix is on the cutting edge of instant delivery services using drone technology. This 60 commercial was very effective at getting Uvionix world wide recognition[…]