-Welcome to Augmented Reality Theater of Sacramento- 


What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality or AR for short is a way to view content in a completely different way. Imagine holding up your phone to your Tv to see additional content on the screen of your favorite show.  Or point your phone at a shirt to watch a once static image spring to life in its full 3D glory. Augmented Reality and mixed reality experiences are made to get you off the couch and out into the real world to see never before seen content.  We have created this site to show case some of the technology we have been playing with but it’s hard to fully grasp the experience off of the computer screen.  This has been setup as a test.  If you want additional information about AR, MR, or content creation, in general, please email me directly at rickgrandall@gmail.com. This site is being hosted by Dynasty Video Productions for the time being. 

New to augmented reality? It can be as easy as 1,2,3.

Download the Zappar App from either Apple or Android app store.

Open the Zappar App

Point your camera at the Zap code in the bottom right corner of the Image below.

That’s it. You have just opened a world that few people know about or have experienced.  Watch the image come alive on your phone screen. You never know what cool experience can be waiting to be discovered behind the Zap code.


Another app that has been wowing us is Aurasma.  We first saw the power of Aurasma at the Art Street installation.  They were using it to bring extra content to the artist paintings.  We believe this technology can transform the way we see the world around us.  We have created multiple AR experiences using this platform as our testing app. You can download the Aurasma app, follow our page, and begin experiencing what AR has to offer.  

Here is a direct link to be able to follow us on the Aurasma app. This is the only way you will be able to see our Aurasma’s.
Aurasma – a new way to interact with the world.


 There is a huge new world of experiences and hidden treasures to find.  We hope to be able to offer the City of Sacramento as well as the innovators and entrepreneurs a very unique experience.  These experiences will lead to a new wave of augmented reality installations. We are working with other Rails grantee’s on a Creative Economies grant to be able to take this technology to the next level.  With the help of Nicholas Haystings of Square Root Academy we will be able to offer companies a branded app for their clients that will completly change the way they interact with their customers.  Imagine being able to have people walk up to your door and see your specials, menu, and a video about why your store is the best at what they do.  This will bring foot traffic into your store just to ask how the heck you did it. Stay tuned for more as we attempt to turn Sacramento into a technology hub and breath new life into underutilized spaces in and around Sacramento.