June 6, 2016

Pro Audio

Professional Audio Services

Based in Sacramento, California Dynasty Video Productions specializes in broadcast HD and Digital field production and crews.


Over the past 30 years Dynasty Video has been providing on-set and live audio solutions for a range of national clientele including corporate, commercial, national television, documentary and government. Now in the 21st century Dynasty Videos audio tech Jamie Randall has grown with the times working on over 30 different network television shows and documentaries.

Regardless of the size of your production Dynasty Video’s Audio Department has you covered.  We have totally revamped our audio department and now offer full-time coded isolated track recording solutions, as well as field mixing and wireless camera hop systems.For the last 25 years Lectrosonics has been the industry’s premiere microphone system, and for good reason. With features like smart dual channel diversity, smart squelch, and front end noise filtering, “Lectrosonics offers a microphone that is nearly bulletproof and an amazingly crisp sounding audio solution”.  We now offer 8 Lectrosonics 411 series microphone sets also camera hops and IFB’s.


Jamie Randall’s Audio Bio:

Jamie Randall has been mixing and recording audio professionally for 10 years doing audio for everything from reality TV to documentaries to award-winning music videos and short films. I have worked on countless reality television shows and documentaries including X Factor, House Hunters, Wife Swap, and Inside Edition. For the last three years Jamie has been consistently traveling on reality TV shows mixing and recording field audio for national level reality television shows.

“I started out working as a Production Assistant, and worked my way up, doing every on set job at a professional level. I fell in love with the art of professional audio mixing 10 years ago.  In my career I have worked on over 30 different reality TV shows and countless other productions. Recently, I traveled the country working on a TV show called “Project Afterlife” for Discovery Channel as their Audio Supervisor.  The first show was a supernatural docu-drama about people dying and coming back to life, and what they saw in the afterlife.  With such heavily surreal and dream-like content it was challenging to create unique soundscapes. I strive to thinking outside the box to gather the pinnacle in audio in the most challenging conditions.

With top of the line gear and the knowledge to be able to take on any challenge on set, I make an extremely valuable asset to any sized project. While I am highly trained in Reality TV Audio Recording, I also have been trained to Grip, AC, Gaffer, and I am a fast, creative Editor.  I have exceptional project management and organizational skills. As a professional editor and audio mixer I personally know the struggles of post production workflow and can take special care to make the transition from script to edit bay as smooth as possible. I have a strong innate ability to take a director’s thoughts and turn them into art on screen.”

Jamie Randall


Audio Equipment list

  • Sound Devices 664 and all time code accessories
  • Sound Devices 442
  • 8 Channels of Lectrosonics 411 transmitters and receivers
  • 1 Schoeps CMIT 5 U
  • Lectrosonics 100/ 400 series wireless camera hops
  • 2 IFB’s for producer or client listening
  • 1 Schoeps CMIT 5u shotgun microphone
  • 1 Sennheiser ME66
  • 1 Sony ecm 680 s
  • 1 12′ foot k-tel boom pole
  • 1 8′ foot k-tel travel boom pole


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