Experiments in 360 video

Have you seen 360 videos on YouTube and Facebook?
This is my first attempts at editing 360 video in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere, and posting to YouTube. It took a little practice learning how to navigate the 360 space, learning the correct setting to get the video to actually be view able in 360 and how to upload to YouTube.

In my first attempt “Waiting for a Train” my titles were way too big. I like my hokey, animated 2d train that was animated in Premiere. I also have to figure out what to do when the train gets close to the “seams” of the video. I need to figure out how to animate to the other side of the screen.

In LA Rooftop I put the video footage into Adobe After Effects and added a few flying picture boxes. I am pleased with the results and it opens me up to more creativity in the 360 video space.

Now we want a 360 video camera, but we are trying to wait until we can get good quality and not spend so much money. It seems like new cameras are showing up almost daily.

(Video clips provided by Videoblocks)

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