Innovation Sacramento
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“Innovation Sacramento” is an exciting 10 part mini-series that will feature entrepreneurs,
start-ups, and companies that are making Sacramento the next great American city. We explore diverse walks of life from tech geeks and policy makers to artists and visionaries. We want to capture real stories not covered in the daily news.
Innovation Sacramento is a reflection of the city we live in and the diverse stories of the everyday people we meet.

We believe there is a need to tell Sacramento stories’ to reach two important audiences.
1. Residents of the greater Sacramento area that have no idea of the wonderful things going on in their own city.
2. A national audience that will see our series and drive the best talent and new companies to our economy.

We want to develop increased pride in residents and see our city with an identity of its own. Not just a place between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Sacramento is a fast track city with a progressive city government that is actively attracting the best new technology to our region.

We are proud to have received our initial Rails grant funding from the mayors office and the city of Sacramento. The funding will promote economic development by documenting the success of Sacramento startups and technology.

We need your help to tell more stores about this great region. We are offering sponsorship opportunities to help increase the scope of “Innovation Sacramento” from a web series to a television show. We want to air segments during televised sporting events, the Golden One Center, and local movie theaters. This series will provide great visibility for sponsors and underwriters.

Watch “Innovation Sacramento” as we make a difference in the perceptions of our city and let everyone know why Sacramento is one of the best places in the world to live.

“We have the capacity to write our own history. If we don’t do it, who else will?”
– Daniel Lofredo Rota in The New York Times


Innovation Sacramento Teaser from Dynasty Video Productions on Vimeo.


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